Monday, May 15, 2017

Commodore Amiga Haul

So being a massive dork that I am, I couldn't turn down this Commodore Amiga lot that I came across.

Both an Amiga 1000 and a 2000HD! I'm excited about the 2000HD the most. I've wanted one for quite a while. The hard drive works great too. The lot also came with a TON of software. Mostly games and some video software. It came with several versions of Workbench and Kick Start. There is a lot of documentation too, which is handy when you can't find an answer online.

One of the first things I need to do is remove the battery that's next to the CPU on the main board, if it hasn't already been taken off. The batteries that were installed on these are dubbed "Board Killers", since they leak and cause all sorts of corrosion and ruin the components surrounding it.

Both machines work great as-is and I'll be doing some cleaning and preventative maintenance pretty soon, so I will probably post pictures if I find anything interesting.

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